72 Best Self-Love Affirmations To Improve Your Self-Esteem

As one enters adult life, it's hard to ignore that life can be unfair, most of the time. The joy you've experienced as a kid and the excitement you yearned as a teen can all be a distant memory if you are overwhelmed by the trials. This is where self-love affirmations become very useful.

It is important to visit yourself, evaluate who you really are, and learn to accept life facts. After being able to do those, you can make realistic strategies that may bring you contentment in the future. 

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What Is Self-Love and Self-Love Affirmations? 

Answering the question, “Do I love myself?” can be a very tricky one. You may be honest, but there can be high chances that you are just insincere. As mentioned, life might seem unfair, and few people are endowed with everything you are aspiring for, which can lead to jealousy and insecurities.  

If unmanaged, you can end up replicating someone you are not, or worse, you'll be pretending for the sake of having an image. Loving oneself is not by attaining things to please other people or to play a version of your desired self that is not meant to be. Self-love is all about accepting the things given to you, acknowledging your flaws, and using them all in moving on towards positivity.

What Is the Difference Between Self-Love, Self-Esteem, Self-Confidence, and Self-Worth?

If you have to be technical here, you can identify the differences between the four words by removing the prefix “self.” Out of those words, “love” is the more generalized word while “worth” is specific. 

Although “esteem” and “confidence” may be closely related, the former has more scope than the latter. For example, we take the phrase “I am good” and identify which of the four aspects is more associated with it. 

“I am good” can be associated with self-love since you acknowledge who you are and consider it positively. It can also be associated with self-esteem since you held your whole personality in that regard. 

If it is to be associated with self-worth, it may be more appropriate if constructed like this: “I am good, and therefore, I deserve goodness also.” If it is to be aligned with self-confidence, the sentence may go like this: “I am good at this field, and therefore, I can succeed.” 

In summary, things can be looked at like this:

  • Self-love is the overall acceptance of oneself in a positive way.
  • Self-esteem is the state of one's acknowledgment of their own personality or individuality.
  • Self-worth is giving value to all the things one has.
  • Self-confidence is the state of one's acknowledgment of the capabilities he/she can do using what he/she has. 
self love affirmations beautiful women smiling staring into a mirror in a open field

What Is a Self-Love Affirmation?

Affirmation is defined as positively confirming something. When it comes to affirming one's self, it is confirming the positive within you. It is important to note that self-love affirmation is not a basic skill, but it can be learned using psychological techniques, especially in adulthood. 

When Is Self-Love Affirmation Needed?

It's already obvious that self-love affirmation can only be done by yourself. But take note, affirmations can come from anyone other than yourself. If you think you don't have someone, or enough people, sincere enough to tell you and assure you that you really have positive qualities, then that's the time you need to do it for yourself.

Is it pitiful? No, and it's common sense in this world; we live our own lives and walk on our own paths. If you ever need positivity, wherein it can be an acknowledgment or boost of confidence, and no one else concrete or reassuring enough to speak or show it to you, you need to do the affirmation by yourself, correctly.

How to Affirm?

To affirm correctly, make sure you are not using words that don't fit who you are. If you are short, avoid telling yourself you are tall. If you are broke and have been lazy most of the day, it will be useless if you keep telling yourself that you will get rich someday.

Contradictions can cause the wrong perception, and therefore, you must be careful with that. There are correct ways of doing self-love affirmation. The following steps can help you in making the affirmation effective:

  1. List all the things that you find unlikeable about yourself. This can range from physical aspects down to the mindset and embarrassing tendencies. 
  2. Next, now that the negativity is set aside look into the positive things about yourself. List them down in a separate column or manner. 
  3. Then, make an affirmation out of the positive aspects and relate it to your negative. For example, if you don't like your curly hair, but you see yourself as a friendly person, you can write: “I can make friends even if my hair is curly.” Another example: if you find yourself being shy as unlikeable, but you have the desire to perform in the crowd, you can write: “I can break out my shell, slowly but surely.” 
  4. After making those affirmations, whether they may be original or borrowed, start reciting them. Utter those affirming sentences with conviction as many times as you can until you feel a certain increase in motivation. 
  5. Try to look at pictures that connect your affirmations. It will be helpful to look at them while uttering your affirmations or snap a mental picture for convenience. 
  6. Take note of your breathing. Breathe slowly as you are self-affirming. Sigh as if you are relieved and ready to face the challenge.
  7. If you are not that confident or lack conviction, then affirmation can turn out ineffective. Try to ask for help from trusted people around. There are videos online, such as YouTube, which offers affirmation content if you don't have one. 

How Frequent Can You Affirm Yourself? 

You can affirm yourself as long and as frequently as you need to. Constant repetition is the easiest way to commit the words into memory and understanding into ideas. The more it is engraved in you, the higher the chances you will attain the goal of your affirmation. 

Sometimes, an affirmation can cross the borderline of realistic expectations and false hopes. An example of this is in a job interview and affirming yourself, “I will get the job,” even though there is a high chance of not getting the job. 

If you don't get the job, then it can affect your self-love, big time. To correct this, you can keep on affirming to keep you motivated in seeking another opportunity, or you can change your affirmation into more realistic like “I will do my best whether or not I get the job.” 

man in open field with open arms freedom self-love affirmations

Boundaries of Self-Love 

You might confuse a person having self-love as being selfish. Self-love and vanity are 2 different things, but they can often be misinterpreted. Vanity is focused on pride and the drive to be above others, while self-love is rooted in compassion for oneself and the drive to be above from his/her current negative conditions. 

The more you use pride in acknowledging yourself, the more you stray away from the purpose of self-love affirmations. In case you are having a hard time doing that, try to read our best-selling book How To Declutter Your Mind by James W. Williams. 

Best Self-Love Affirmations 

Self-Love Affirmations That Can Raise Self-Esteem

  1. There is goodness in me.
there is goodness in me self-love affirmations quote

2. I am secured deeply with myself. 

3. I am strong and confident.

4. I honor and value my boundaries.

5. My self-esteem is very high. 

6. I believe in myself.

7. My self-esteem improves daily.

8. I am blessed with abilities. 

9. I don't need to apologize for being myself. 

10. I make my own decisions. 

11. I have peace of mind. 

12. I am centered, grounded, and peaceful.

13. I feel happy and full of love. 

14. There is happiness flowing inside me.

15. I am full of hopes and dreams.

self-love affirmations I am full of hopes and dreams

16. I am creating a beautiful life.

17. I have a bountiful life.

18. As of this day, I choose myself.

19. I empathize profoundly with others in their own paths.

20. My body doesn't need your opinions. 

21. I have a beauty that is worth appreciating.

22. I am given many blessings.

23. Everything I need, I already have. 

Self-Love Affirmations That Can Help Acknowledge Your Self-Worth

24. I deserve attention and love.

25. I deserve happiness.

26. I deserve infinite compassion.

27. I am worthy of wealth and success.

28. It is only natural that I trust in myself.

29. My self-worth is improving daily.

self-love affirmations my self-worth is improving daily

30. I acknowledge that I have unique abilities.

31. I can attract good things in life.

32. I deserve to have happy relationships.

33. I can attract people just by being myself.

34. My boundaries need respect.

35. My family and friends respect me.

36. My co-workers respect my expertise.

37. I deserve respect from the people around me.

38. I am worthy of being loved.

39. I am worthy of being appreciated.

40. I have what it takes to succeed and be happy.

41. I need to be treated with equal respect.

42. I respect people who respect me.

43. I love who I really am.

I love who i really am quote

44. I can make a big difference.

45. I have value in my own being.

46. I have something great to share with others.

47. I am filled with great potential.

48. I can make my dream a reality.

49. I have done great enough to have what I want. 

Self-Love Affirmations That Can Boost Self-Confidence

50. I love the way I turn out to be.

51. I have daily improvements.

52. How tough things can get, I am tougher. 

53. I am confident in my own abilities. 

54. I acknowledge my limits, and I can surpass them. 

55. I have the right dose of confidence. 

56. I am powerful enough to change things within myself.

57. My own fears do not control me. 

my own fears do not control me quote

58. I am capable of making wise decisions.

59. I was never a mistake.

60. I take pride in my actions.

61. I am oozing with confidence.

62. I expect a better version of myself.

63. I create changes.

64. There is a brighter side in my point of view.

65. I have total control over my actions.

66. I can do better than average.

67. I am creative enough to think of great ideas.

68. I am better than I was yesterday.

69. I have to love myself because no one can do it better.

70. Negativity can't break me down.

71. I am equipped to make my dreams come true.

72. The universe cooperates with my goals.

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Self-love is a process, and it takes a lot of inner abilities to affirm correctly—factor your experience and also the experience of other people. The end-result is self-contentment, and if ever you haven't reached that, you can reassess your methods of affirmation. To further guide you, grab our best-selling book How to Declutter Your Mind or go through the Confidence University course here

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