8 Practical Tips for Setting and Reaching Smart Goals in 2023

Setting smart goals is a great way to stay motivated and make progress towards something that means something to you. However, establishing realistic goals can be difficult if you don’t have a plan or a specific timeline for achieving them. The key to setting and reaching realistic goals lies in creating measurable objectives that are realistic and achievable, while also having the support of those around you to help keep you on track. Look: The 5th tip is my favorite.

First tip for setting realistic goals in 2023

So let’s talk about setting smart goals: it’s important to emphasize the importance of planning and breaking down larger goals into smaller, more achievable steps. Smart goals should be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-based. For example, if the goal is to improve grades in school, it’s important to break down the larger goal into individual tasks such as studying for an hour each day or meeting with a tutor once a week. Another example: a financial smart goal would be to save up $10,000 by the end of the year. To achieve this goal, break it down into smaller and more achievable steps such as saving a certain amount each month or setting up automatic transfers from your checking account to a savings account every week.

By breaking down larger goals into more manageable tasks, you’ll be able to stay motivated and track your progress along the way. When reaching a financial goal, remember this: Save first, pay later – make saving a priority before any expenses or bill payments. By doing this, you will have greater control over your money and know that you are saving and investing in the right direction to reach your financial goal. Humanly speaking, it can sometimes be hard to save at the end of the month, but it’s necessary to achieve your objectives!

Second tip for strong goals in 2023

Second, it is important to create short-term, medium-term, and long-term smart goals.

  • Short-term goals give you quick wins that can offer motivation to continue working on bigger objectives down the line. Keep these goals attainable and reasonable by breaking them up into manageable chunks so that they don’t overwhelm you.
  • Medium-term goals will help build upon your short-term successes and are typically a bit more challenging than your short-term ones.
  • Longer-term objectives should represent overall lifestyle changes or ambitions that often involve hard work over a longer period of time.

Some long-term goal examples:

  • Financial Stability: This could include goals related to acquiring wealth or becoming debt-free. Ex: became debt-free by end of 2026 (3 years from now); Increase my savings from $20,000 to $120,000 by end of 2028 (5 years from now).
  • Education: Common educational goals may include completing college, gaining certifications or pursuing higher education degrees. Ex: enroll in a college X, Y or Z related to the Medicine field by 2025 (2 year from now). You can take a look into our best-seller How to How to talk to anyone about anything.
  • Self-Improvement: This could span anything from adopting healthier habits to expanding one’s skillset and developing more meaningful confident relationships. Ex: set aside time each day to study a foreign language or sign up for classes; read at least 52 books by the end of next year. You can start with our best-seller Emotional Intelligence.
  • Travel and Adventure: Goals related to traveling the world, learning a new language or specializing in a particular trade. Ex: travel to at least 10 new countries by 2025; Climb mount Kilimanjaro by 2025.
  • Jobs – Ex: find a rewarding job by the end of year, which will pay me at least $25,000.

3rd tip for setting smart goals in 2023

Once your goal definitions have been identified, the next step is to create a plan for achieving them.

Start with making small changes first such as eliminating unhealthy habits or introducing exercise or meditation into your routine; success with small steps can easily lead to success with larger steps further down the road. Additionally, document progress along the way so that it’s easy for yourself (or others) to see how far along you’ve come in terms of completing your goals!

When creating an action plan, ensure that each action item has deadlines associated with them; this will help make sure tasks are completed on time while also holding oneself accountable for staying on schedule throughout the process of achieving one’s vision. Setting checkpoints at various points along the journey will allow for course correction when needed — it may become evident that some tasks take longer than anticipated or require more resources than planned — as well as provide validation when milestones are reached and celebrate successes along the way!


  1. Visualize and write your long-term goals and associate them with deadlines (goals three to five year from now)
  2. Create medium-term goals that will conduct you to the main long-term goals (goals acting like checkpoints – 6/12 month goals)
  3. Create short-term goals that will conduct you to the medium-term goals (small change goals – 1 month goals)

4th tip for setting big goals in 2023

It’s also important not to get too down on oneself when things don’t happen as quickly as expected — focus on understanding what went wrong which will help avoid similar issues from occurring again in the future — focus on celebrating wins instead! Remember: you never lose: you always are winning and growing or you are learning from the mistakes/errors/problems. A smooth sea never made a skilled mariner. Yes, you will have some troubles and the focus in the medium and long-term goals will always keep your head up.

5th tip for setting powerful goals in 2023

Finally, surround yourself with people who believe in your mission and hold you accountable; having an active support system throughout this process can be incredibly helpful in motivating and encouraging positive behavior change. And if you cannot count on family or friends to this task, create your own support system:

I personally use a support system that I created which consists of reading and repeating empowering phrases out loud with a playlist of epic music in the background. Give it a try, and in 10 minutes you’ll be experiencing an entirely different energy! This system has helped me stay motivated and push through difficult times when I felt like giving up. Reading and saying affirmations out loud helps to reinforce what we want to receive in our lives, while the epic music provides an emotional boost that will leave you feeling unstoppable. So take 10 minutes out of your day and start transforming your life with this simple but powerful technique; you won’t regret it.

Setting realistic goals can be intimidating but once broken down into smaller pieces (the medium and short goals), anyone can begin developing plans for reaching their objectives. Through careful planning, consistent effort, obtaining feedback from trusted supports and celebrating successes when possible – anyone can reach their desired outcomes provided they have both patience & resilience serving as guiding principles in their decision making process!

6th tip for setting growth goals in 2023

Last but certainly not least, take some time to reflect and identify which areas you need to improve or learn some skills upon in order to reach those goals. This can include furthering your technical knowledge, honing your interpersonal skills or even refining the way you manage your time, your sleep, your relationships. Identifying what needs to be done and planning out how to get there can be a powerful incentive when it comes to staying motivated.

7th tip for setting smart goals in 2023

When you have a strong why, clear purpose and sense of direction, getting up early in the morning and proactively studying or building something that directly contributes to achieving your long-term goal is incredibly powerful. Finding an inspiring why to chase after makes it easier to make those tough decisions, stay disciplined and say no to distractions that keep you from reaching success. The power of clarity is invaluable; if you have an inspiring purpose, setting and achieving ambitious goals will come naturally. This can be instrumental in helping you build a rewarding career or business as well as having a positive impact on your overall well-being.

Last tip for setting your goals in 2023

Yes, goals are important but the journey needs to be enjoyable. Eventually you may feel that your goal is unachievable, so look back and recognize how far you have come. Appreciate every step and all the growth that you have had on this journey, and savor the path. The most important thing is to find happiness while doing something that you enjoy, towards an objective that you deem important – not just solely in achieving the goal itself – as the goal is just the trophy.

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