Is Law of Attraction Real? – How to Manifest Anything

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The Law of Attraction has been getting a lot of traction these days as the secret guide that can help you get whatever you want out of life. However, the Law of Attraction didn’t surface without some initial criticism. In fact, many question whether or not it is legit. If you are interested in this, you might already be asking yourself, “Is Law of Attraction real?

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That is what we are going to find out in this article. We will break it down into what it is all about, how it usually helps people, and what the science is behind it.

My Personal Story with The Law of Attraction

Just like you, I started my journey online. I was at a rather low point in my life and couldn’t seem to get the things I wanted out of life. I actually thought that if I just continued working hard, I'd reach my goals. Alas, this never happened. That is the starting point of my journey to self-discovery.

The first time I came across the Law of Attraction was through a friend. He told me that there was this secret that helped him somehow piece everything about his life together. He then told me it was the Law of Attraction. 

The first thing I asked him was, “Is Law of Attraction Real?”

He simply told me, “why don’t you try it out for yourself?”

From there, he gave me a few sources and materials that allowed me to get started.  

Now, just to give you an idea about myself, I am a writer and a mother. While I am more inclined to the arts, I am also a woman of science. I rarely believe in mystical and magical stuff. At first, that’s what I thought about the Law of Attraction because it did sound like superstition.  

But as I said, I wasn’t in a very good place in my life at that time. The year before, I quit my job as a ghostwriter in order to start my own book. I was able to publish my first book but it just didn’t click. 

Then, I tried to write another book but like the first one, it didn’t receive much success. I also tried to sell it online but somehow no one seemed to be interested in it. It was then that I realized I was in a total slump.  

What’s worse is that my kids were about to start their schooling. I had to come up with a way to pay for all those expenses. I took some freelance jobs along with my full-time writing work.

So as you have read, things just didn’t seem to go my way. That’s why I did decide to try this Law of Attraction anyway since I really had nothing to lose. 

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How I Started my Law of Attraction Journey

My friend advised me to start out small. You see, the key to the Law of Attraction is to create your reality by believing that you already have something that you want. In other words, you already know it to be true. Sounds a little bit far fetched, right? 

Let me explain further. My friend told me to manifest something simple, like my favorite food coming to me. I am extremely fond of Thai, but there weren't any Thai restaurants near me. So I made use of a technique known as affirmation. I affirmed it and convinced my mind that it already happened. I then thanked the universe for this gift and went on with my life.  

Then out of nowhere, a friend of mine called me up and invited me to dinner. I haven’t seen that friend in years because he moved to a different state. But it just happened that he traveled back to the state that I was in on business and wanted to catch up. Somehow, he knew a hole-in-the-wall Thai restaurant that I never knew about and brought me there.  

Crazy, isn’t it?  

But it all happened!

Manifesting for Something Bigger

I tried to manifest for something bigger. As I told you above, my two books didn’t do well. With my third book on the way, I was hoping for a breakthrough. 

 A few weeks later, someone who was able to get a copy of my second book called me up. This guy told me that he found my work amazing. The problem was that it wasn’t marketed correctly. He then proposed a partnership where he’d help me with my marketing. Now, I’m not the type to just trust easily. But something in me told me that this person was legit. So I decided to follow my gut and push through with the partnership. 

 Turns out, this guy was an e-commerce genius. He saw my book one day and decided that he wanted to help me out. He worked his magic and I saw with my very eyes that my third book started to get some traction. I had a few customers coming in but it was only a few. 

 That’s when I tried manifesting even more and affirming that my book sales went up by more than 50%. And just as I wished– I was able to get what I wanted. 

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Months later, my third book was doing really well and I’ve gotten a ton of customers. I’m now on my way to writing my fourth book. That’s when I fully believed in the power of the Law of Attraction. It is real and it is definitely proven. 

 But don’t take my sole word for it. 

 There is actual science behind it. That’s why I believed it in the first place. I’m not someone who will easily believe in mumbo jumbo without proof. That’s why I did my research before trying anything. And yes, there is some scientific evidence to back it up. I will explain that in the next section 

The Science Behind the Law of Attraction

The next thing that we’re going to talk about is the science behind the Law of Attraction. To answer the question, “Is Law of Attraction real?” We must first understand how it works from a scientific point of view.  

The History of the Law of Attraction

Before anything else, let’s talk about the background of the Law of Attraction. Now, it has existed even in the past through individuals such as Beethoven or Einstein. Some even say that it was also used by Jesus Christ. You may have even used it without knowing.  

In modern times, the Law of Attraction has been gaining publicities because of books such as The Secret. Many gurus are also teaching it these days. And the best part of it all is that numerous people have benefitted from it.  

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The Explanation of the Law of Attraction

We need to look at the Law of Attraction from a psychological point of view. Basically, the Law of Attraction is all about focus. Focus is a very important aspect of its success because it helps our mind zero in on a certain goal. In this case, we want to create a new reality. Unconsciously, we are focusing on this new reality. 

 If the reality that we want is embedded in our unconscious mind, we unlock a certain behavior that allows us to stay hungry for opportunities, take more risks, and be much more confident. Since affirmation, or positive thinking as most people know it, pumps positive thoughts into our mind, we increase our chances of happiness. 

 The opposite will happen if you think nothing but negative thoughts. You actually become your habits and your actions. So if you think nothing but negative thoughts, your unconscious mind will be rewired to think that you do not deserve happiness. If you have those thoughts, you will never look at the silver linings among situations. 

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If you pump and embed negative thoughts into your brain, you will obviously sabotage your own happiness. That’s why the Law of Attraction is not mumbo jumbo but it is psychological.  

The terms may be a little bit different in the Law of Attraction and psychology but the practices are pretty similar. That’s why there is some compelling evidence supporting the Law of Attraction. 

Why the Law of Attraction Works

Now you may be wondering why and how it works. Well, it is psychological in nature but we can also explain it from a layman point of view. Let us just take a look at a simple example of an optimistic person versus a pessimistic person.

 Who do you think will be more successful in general? Obviously, it will be an optimistic person. Why is that? Simply because one of the foundations of therapy is to develop optimism. That’s why positive affirmations are so powerful. 

Self-talk and mantras are very strong and can help rewire the mind if you give it a chance. Optimism has so many benefits and can make you much stronger. It can give you more confidence, more drive, and more will to push forward with whatever goals you have in mind. 

How to Get Started With the Law of Attraction

At this stage, you’re probably wondering how I got started. Well, as I mentioned, my friend who introduced the Law of Attraction to me gave me some materials. He gave me his copy of The Secret which I read every night. 

One of the key takeaways that I got from that book is that I am in control of the outcomes of situations around me. 

 Now, I’d like to point out that this doesn’t mean we can control every situation around us. We cannot control things like pandemics, financial crises, or even the behavior of other people. However, we do have the power to control our response. After all, how we respond will be the stepping stone of being able to gain success or happiness. 

 So the first thing that we must do is recognize that we have control over our lives. We may not have the ability to control situations around us or control people. But we can control ourselves and our emotions. 

 This is how I started– with awareness. It took some time to push this mindset into my brain but once it did, it worked like a charm.

Know the Rules of the Law of Attraction

You must take note that if you don’t manifest properly, you will most likely not get what you want. That’s why there are rules to follow. 

 Whenever you manifest, you must first be patient. Some things take more time to manifest than others. If you are not willing to be patient, the universe will not send blessings your way. 

 Second, you must also accept the hardships that come with the blessings. Sometimes, you need to put in some effort or make some sacrifices to get what you want. But these are just simply challenges that prepare you for what is coming ahead. 

 Next, you must not conflict yourself otherwise you are giving the universe conflicting messages about what you want. If that happens, it will be confused and won’t manifest your blessings for you. 

 Finally, you need to be very specific about what you want. The universe definitely listens. But you need to be clear for it to understand. If you are vague about your requests, you will be ignored. 

Know Yourself

Now that you know how it works, the next step is to simply apply it in your life. You must first know more about yourself and your current situation. You must first take note of your behavioral patterns. Only then you’ll be able to see if you are more of an optimist or a pessimist. 

If you happen to already be an optimist, then it’ll be much easier for you to grasp the Law of Attraction. But if you’re more of a pessimist, you may need to put in a little more work. But don’t worry– that doesn’t mean it can’t be done. 

Taking Action

I believe you are now ready to start your journey. At this stage, it’s time for you to learn more about specifically how you can manifest the blessings you deserve. Take control of your life today by downloading your FREE law of attraction bundle and widening your horizon on what is to come. 

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