25 Funniest Social Anxiety Memes That Are So Relatable

Do you enjoy giggling to some relatable social anxiety memes? For most of us, events like meeting new people, answering a question while in class, or simply doing tasks that require any human interaction can be uncomfortable, especially for those who prefer keeping to themselves.

However, for people who suffer from social anxiety, it can be a nerve-wracking experience that can induce physical symptoms like panic attacks. It’s a daily struggle that can make doing simple tasks more difficult than they should.

And while struggling with one’s mental health is no laughing matter, humor can be a great way to deal with the daily struggles. Moreover, things like social anxiety memes can help them deal with the reality of their struggles in a more positive way as well as help illustrate the struggle of social anxiety.

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With that said, here are some of the funniest social anxiety memes that will have you going “oh, this is so me!”

On Meeting New People

social anxiety meme man pointing to mirror

Meeting new people can be difficult, especially for those suffering from social anxiety. This social anxiety meme illustrates the struggle of keeping the balance between being friendly and going overboard with the friendliness. Whether or not you’re actually being annoying, though, is a whole different story.

On Tone Changes

funny social anxiety meme of butterfly

Part of having social anxiety is feeling too sensitive to things like the tone of voice and body language. This social anxiety meme perfectly illustrates the sudden panic that occurs whenever there’s a slight change in one’s tone.

On Miscommunication When You Have Social Anxiety

Funny Social Anxiety Tweet about miscommunication

This social anxiety meme shows the tendency for miscommunication when one’s too anxious to clarify things, ending up in sometimes hilarious situations.

On Falling Asleep When You Have Social Anxiety

Funny Awkward meme of cat

This social anxiety meme shows just how difficult it can be to live with social anxiety, with it often reminding you of your social faux-pas right before bed.

On “Fun”

Funny Introvert Meme man dreading fun

What most people consider “fun” may actually be exhausting for someone with social anxiety. As such, they might end up dreading the “fun activity” rather than looking forward to it.

On Overthinking When You Have Social Anxiety

funny overthinking meme

Overthinking is a common occurrence with someone suffering from social anxiety and this social anxiety meme sums it up perfectly.

On Talking to New People

best social anxiety meme approach anxiety

While it may seem easy to just go up and talk to people, for those with social anxiety, it can be comparable to a Herculean task. Even when they feel like they want to, their social anxiety can keep them from actually going through with it.

On Eye Contact

funny eye contact meme

For people with social anxiety, even making eye contact with another person is nerve-wracking. This is why many of them tend to avoid this as it can be uncomfortable and awkward.

On Consuming Energy

funny shyness meme at the gym

As mentioned, it can be difficult for someone with social anxiety to strike up a conversation with someone they don’t know. This social anxiety meme illustrates how nerve-wracking and exhausting it can be for those with the condition to engage in social interactions.

On Storytelling

funny story telling meme

Even when they do engage in conversations, they may have difficulty recounting everything, resulting in awkward moments in the conversation. This social anxiety meme illustrates how difficult it can be for them to tell stories and end awkward conversations.

On Irrational Fears

funny irrational fear meme

Social anxiety can lead to feelings of insecurity as well and therefore, result in fears that may be considered irrational.

Social Anxiety Memes On Canceled Plans

canceled plans meme

While the typical reaction to canceled plans is disappointment, for those with social anxiety, this can be feelings of relief instead. After all, they no longer have to engage in social interaction.

On Potential Interactions

funny introvert meme in office

Even if it’s someone you know, social anxiety can make any potential social interaction dreadful. It can even cause even more embarrassing situations such as the one in the social anxiety meme above.

On Talking to People

introvert meme on talking to people

Part of having social anxiety is always feeling like you made a fool out of yourself in every social interaction. This social anxiety meme highlights this.

On Parties When You Have Social Anxiety

introvert at a party on his phone meme

While a party may seem fun for most, for those with social anxiety, it’s one of their worst fears come true. 

Social Anxiety Memes On Making Friends

best social anxiety meme about online friendship

Social anxiety can also make making friends more difficult as it can prevent them from initiating a conversation.

On Ordering in Restaurants When You Have Social Anxiety

funny shyness meme about ordering menu

With social anxiety, even placing an order can be nerve-wracking so many often practice saying their orders in their heads before they reach the counter.

On the Wrong Orders

Relatable social anxiety images about getting your food wrong

For people with social anxiety, placing an order is already nerve-wracking, even more so when they have to complain. Therefore, oftentimes, they just settle for the wrong order rather than engage in further social interaction.

On Asking Salesladies

relatable shyness meme on asking someone

Similar to ordering in a restaurant, people with social anxiety would rather leave something they want to buy behind than ask a salesperson for the price.

On Forming Groups in Class

Funny introvert meme on group projects

When you’re considered the “shy” one in class due to your social anxiety, it can be difficult for you to connect with classmates, making finding groupmates a difficult task.

On Answering Questions in Class

Best social Anxiety meme on answering questions in class

Reciting in class can be difficult for someone with social anxiety as having everyone’s eyes on you while you speak can be panic-inducing. So, even when they know the answer, they often stop themselves from raising their hands.

On More Parties

Introvert at a party koala

As mentioned, parties are like nightmares come true for those with social anxiety which is why they tend to stick to the only person they know at parties.

On People Trying to Talk to You

funny social anxiety spongebob

The internal panic you feel whenever someone tries to talk to you – a person with social anxiety.

Social Anxiety Memes On Presenting to the Class

funny social anxiety meme kermit the frog

Oftentimes, it can be difficult to say no to a request, even when the request means having to deal with our social anxiety.

On Going Out When You Have Social Anxiety

funny social anxiety meme on going out

It can be conflicting at times, for someone with social anxiety, as they want to go out but don’t want to interact with anyone.

On the Outside World

man with social anxiety don't want to go outside

This social anxiety meme perfectly summarizes why many with social anxiety prefer to stay indoors.

On Any Social Interaction

man with social anxiety refuse to talk to people

This social anxiety meme pretty much sums it up.

Final Thoughts

Social anxiety can be difficult to live with but it can be managed. For example, building one’s confidence can help reduce the nervousness felt when engaging in social interaction. 

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While it won’t “cure” you of your social anxiety, it can certainly help overcome some of the issues associated with it.

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