33 of The Best Confidence Affirmations for Self-Esteem

Acknowledging self-worth through confidence affirmations is more powerful than you think. Not only can it help you bring back your self-esteem, but it can also help remove the negative thoughts that you have about yourself.

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Unconsciously, you might not have realized it, but you have uttered some degrading things to yourself or view yourself as incompetent, dumb, or ugly. When you do that frequently, you will eventually start believing it and see yourself in such a negative way. This can significantly affect the quality of your life.

However, confidence affirmations can help reverse that. According to the self-affirmation theory, humans have the innate capability to motivate themselves through self-affirmation, which makes it very effective.

33 Best Confidence Affirmations

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Making a habit of using confidence affirmations is the kindest thing that you can do for yourself and others. Doing this is much easier than you think, and all it takes is consistency and hope.

Here are 33 of the best confidence affirmations that can help you boost your self-esteem:

  1. “I am Strong

One of the major reasons why you may have low self-esteem is probably because you feel weak. However, that is far from the truth. You are resilient and enduring, and no matter what you are facing today, you will eventually get through it triumphantly.

  1. “I am Improving Everyday”

Reminding yourself that you are working progress is important. It eases the pressure to see results quickly and reminds you to do things at your own pace. This is one of my favorite confidence affirmations.

  1. “I am in Full Control of my Life”

Due to your lack of self-confidence, you may have allowed other people to drive your life by making decisions for you. This can make you feel incompetent and very regretful when things go wrong. This is why reminding yourself that you have full control of your life is important.

Your life, your choice. Do not let anybody else tell you otherwise because it will be you who will be living with the consequences of your own decisions, whether it is good or bad.

  1. “I Love Myself”

Self-love is one of the basic foundations of confidence. It will help you believe in yourself and determine your worth as an individual.

  1. “I Respect Myself”

Loving yourself and respecting yourself are two different things. When you love yourself, you accept who you are as a person. Meanwhile, when you respect yourself, you put your confidence and pride in how you behave with dignity and honor.

  1. “I am Loved and Respected”

Self-love and self-respect are important, but it is also important to remind yourself that there are people who love and respect you. At times of difficulty, being reminded of this will help reignite your self-esteem so that you can continue to move forward. Making this one of the best confidence affirmations.

  1. “I will Succeed in what I Do”

Think like a winner, and you will be a winner. However, there is no 100% assurance that you will succeed in everything that you do, believing that you will significantly increase the chances.

  1. “I am a Good Person”

Other people may tell you that you are not because they judged you based on a few instances, but that does not take away the fact that you are innately a good person. Reminding yourself of this every once in a while will help you see the better side of yourself.

  1. “I am Talented”

You might have heard from other people that you have no talent. If you did, then you should use the “I am talented” affirmation. Doing this does not mean that you are fooling yourself, but instead, it means that you are reminding yourself of what you can do.

Remember, “talent” is a subjective word. If one person does not appreciate yours, somebody else out there will.

  1. “I am Beautiful”

Beauty is another subjective contraceptive concept. However, when you are told that you are not beautiful or handsome, that can significantly lower your self-esteem.

Using the “I am Beautiful” confidence affirmation will help you appreciate your own beauty. If you flaunt that beauty with confidence, the chances of attracting more people will also be higher.

  1. “I Make Good Choices”

Second-guessing your own decision is a sign of low self-esteem. To help avoid that, remind yourself that you make good choices despite committing bad ones in the past.

  1. “I am Not Less Because of My Imperfections”

Imperfection is part of everybody’s life. However, the difference between a confident person and someone who is not is that they accept their imperfections.

  1. “I am Grateful for What I Have”

It can be very easy to look at what other people have and feel insecure about not having them for yourself. However, instead of continuing the cycle of jealousy, you should learn to appreciate what you currently have.

  1. “Miracles can Happen Daily”

During tough times, it is important to remind yourself that miracles happen daily. Although you should not depend on this, instilling that idea into your mindset will help minimize your worrying stress.

  1. “I am Worth It”

Your worth does not depend on how other people perceive you. It actually depends on how you see yourself. When you do the “I am worth it” affirmation, you are slowly encouraging yourself to believe in your self-worth.

  1. “I Can Overcome Anything”

Obstacles are part of life. When you believe that you can overcome it, you will have the confidence that you need to overcome it.

  1. “I Deserve Compliments”

Yes, you deserve compliments, so do not question it when others give it to you. You have qualities that are worth praising, and other people will definitely see it at some point. However, do not confuse this affirmation with self-entitlement. Compliments are only good when they are sincere and wholeheartedly given.

  1. “Challenges are Opportunities for Learning and Improvements”

Do not be scared of challenges. They are there to help you know yourself better and make necessary improvements so that you can become the best version of yourself. Yes, challenges are difficult, but it would not be called a “challenge” if they were easy.

  1. “I am Creative”

Your creativity is only limited by the boundaries that you impose on yourself. To break through it, affirming that you are indeed a creative individual can help.

  1. “I am Unique”

If you are the type to lose confidence because you feel like you are the same with everybody, affirming yourself that you are unique can help you improve. In your own special way, you are different from other people, and that is worth celebrating.

  1. “I am a Badass”

Whether you are a mom, father, student, or employee, affirming that you are a badass in what you do can help improve your self-esteem. It is basically the same thing as telling yourself that you can do it!

  1. “I am Enough”

One of the most common reasons people lose self-esteem is that they question whether they are enough after a failed event. Well, you are definitely enough, and you should stop questioning that. There are many reasons why things fail, but as long as you did your best, then there’s no need to be too tough on yourself.

  1. “Fear is Just an Obstacle”

Overcoming fear is the first way to success. Conditioning your mind that it is normal and it is something that you can overcome will help you.

  1. “My Potential is Limitless”

You might say to yourself that your dreams and goals are too big for you to realize. However, you are mistaken. You can achieve anything that you want as long as you dare to dream and work hard towards it.

  1. “I Deserve the Best in Life”

A typical attitude of somebody who lacks self-confidence is questioned whether they deserve good things in life. When they do this, they tend to sabotage the best things instead of embracing and appreciating them. If this is your case, using this confidence affirmation can help you out of that cycle.

  1. I am Ready of Anything

A confident person can handle even the most unexpected event. By conditioning yourself using this affirmation, you are preparing yourself for unexpected events.

  1. I have Self-control

Self-control goes hand-in-hand with self-esteem. By affirming yourself that you have it, you are putting yourself on the right track.

  1. I Welcome Change

Using this affirmation will help you handle and accept change better, whether it is in your own habit or environment.

  1. I Choose to Be Brave

Sometimes, being a confident person means daring to be bold. To do that, you need to affirm to yourself that you are brave

  1. “I Accept My Past with Peace and Welcome My Future with Excitement”

Regret can be a major setback on your way to redeeming your lost self-esteem. It can be so easy to say that you shouldn’t have done this or that and live in a morbid mindset. However, by affirming yourself with this statement, you can help condition yourself to let go of that and embrace the future.

  1. “I will have a Wonderful Day”

This is something that you can say to yourself at each start of the day. It will help set a positive tone that will help you handle challenging situations.

  1. “My Body is Worth Loving”

Your physical appearance can have a significant impact on your confidence. Reminding yourself that your body is worth loving can help you take care of it better and appreciate it.

  1. “I Appreciate Myself”

Self-appreciation is something that is seldomly done but should be encouraged. It is not a selfish or arrogant act, but it is a form of self-care for your personal well-being.

Final Word

The science behind confidence affirmation is simple. However, it has a multitude of positive effects for you and those who surround you. Doing it is not hard, and it is also free, so it is definitely worth trying.

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