“Nonviolent Communication Course” Course Review – Is It Worth It?

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There’s this “Nonviolent Communication Course” that was recommended to me by a friend of mine. We happened to be discussing a lot about the struggles in life and how we should approach them. After some time, I researched first the details of the course and found out several key insights which I will share in this article.

What is Nonviolent Communication Course?

The Nonviolent Communication Course is just as the title suggests. It’s a course comprising of a number of sessions, each tackling the different aspects of nonviolent communication, with concepts like empathy being highlighted in the teachings.

This course can help people resolve conflicts either to themselves or to others without the need for aggression or rebelliousness. The end goal is to practice empathy when approaching conflicts in order to minimize insults, harsh criticisms, hatred, and vengeance. The course was created by Dr. Marshall Rosenberg, a psychologist with decades of experience in peacemaking concepts.

Who is Dr. Marshall Rosenburg?

Dr. Marshall B. Rosenberg is responsible for the spread of ‘Nonviolent Communication’. Born in 1934, he has spent over 4 decades of his professional life trying to promote peaceful psychology in dealing with and resolving conflicts. He traveled all around the world to understand and educate.

He was a psychologist who contributed greatly to the system. After experiencing so many wars and social unrests in the mid 20th century, it was inevitable that Dr. Rosenberg will be an advocate for peacemaking. His system is said to be effective within small boundaries like a family or organization, and looking at a bigger picture, it might work on a national level.

What You Will Learn From Nonviolent Communication Course by Dr. Marshall Rosenburg?

The Nonviolent Communication Course is an online training course comprising of 9 sessions. Each session focuses on the different elements in order to transform from within.

Here‘s what you can expect in each of the lessons:

Origins of Nonviolent Communication

The basic components of Nonviolent Communication are discussed here, which will also serve as the basis for the subsequent sessions. Even from this early on, the concept of empathy and compassion will be ingrained into you.

Applying NVC within Ourselves

Nonviolent Communication is to be applied in order to gain compassion towards one’s self. It will start from self-judgment which then works toward self-forgiveness. Here, the emotions of anger, guilt, depression, and shame are highlighted as concepts to be avoided at all costs.

A Radically Different Kind of Honesty

An integral part of Nonviolent Communication is honesty. This session focuses more on the clarity of goals that are devoid of any superficial thinking and the means of perceiving your needs without being demanding.

Empathically Connecting with Others

In this session, your realizations about yourself through the Nonviolent Communication method will be translated into how you connect with others. It will open more doors on how you can apply empathy and compassion as you deal with other people.

Meeting Our Needs in Intimate Relationships

This gets deeper as it tackles the application of Nonviolent Communication in personal relationships where love is present. Situations will be explored, from resolving bitter arguments to communicating sexual requests.

Experiencing and Exercising Authority

This session talks about how governing over others can be different if nonviolent communication is applied. The differences between various forms of authority are also identified so as to provide you with a deeper understanding of when a person needs to follow or not.

Healing, Mediation, and Reconciliation

With all the negativities in this world, this session will illustrate how nonviolent communication can be used to promote healing and reconciliation. This will enable you to learn methods on how you can help repair broken relationships.

How NVC Supports Social Change

This session highlights how communicating nonviolently can resolve common conflicts in society. This also delves deeper into topics such as punishments and rewards.

Living Compassionately with Celebration and Gratitude

Finally, in this last session, you are expected to live a life full of appreciation. At this point, compassion and empathy will become second to nature.

Nonviolent Communication Course

What Will You Get Inside Nonviolent Communication Course by Dr. Marshall Rosenburg?

If you decide to enroll in the course, you’ll gain access to some bonuses and other opportunities also, which are as follows:

⦁ Nonviolent Communication Training Cards

⦁ Nonviolent Communication Toolkit (including 5 video recordings)

⦁ Prerecorded Video Q&A Session (with instructor John Kinyon)

The price for enrolling in the course, as of now, is $97. There’s also a 100% satisfaction guarantee wherein you can request a refund if ever you are completely dissatisfied with the course.

You just need to follow the instructions on their webpage. Also, you are encouraged to promote the movement through email and social media, along with your affiliate link.

Who is the “Nonviolent Communication Course by Dr. Marshall Rosenburg” For?

The Nonviolent Communication Course works in several situations, each having its own corresponding benefits:

Conflict with one’s self – Learn how to address problems

Broken relationships – Being able to understand and apply empathy in order to reconnect

Lack of self-love – Open up to the idea of embracing the humanity in you
If you are either in those situations mentioned, then this course is for you.

How Much is the Nonviolent Communication Course by Dr. Marshall Rosenburg?

As mentioned, the online course is priced, for now, at $97. If you want to avail of the Affiliate program, it will cost you $267.

Do I Recommend Nonviolent Communication Course?

Overall, I highly recommend the Nonviolent Communication Course, especially to those who seem to be confused about the happenings in their lives and are constantly affected by the negative aspect of society.

Best Way to Purchase Nonviolent Communication Course by Dr. Marshall Rosenburg?

If you wish to enroll in the online course, you can click HERE and look out for the instructions. Or Click on the button below to try the Nonviolent Communication Course for Free.


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