5 Tips to Boost Confidence If You Have Social Anxiety

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If you are among the 12% of the population who suffer from social anxiety disorder (SAD), you understand how this disease cripples your confidence, especially when you are thrust into social situations. Help is essential for you to overcome (SAD). That’s why we compiled 5 quick tips to boost your confidence if you have Social Anxiety.

A lot of SAD sufferers tend to lead reclusive lives and this is often not by choice. It just feels like an easier option. This does not have to be your story though. It is possible to enjoy an active and fulfilling social life while managing your social anxiety disorder. 

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Here are 5 quick tips to boost your confidence to lead a healthy social life:

1. Learn More About Social Anxiety Disorder

While this article was not about managing SAD, we know that low self-esteem is a byproduct of this disorder. Low self-esteem amplifies your insecurities to a point where your self-confidence is completely diminished. Knowledge helps you get to the root of the problem and from there, you can develop practical solutions to boost your confidence. 

2. Find Your True Voice

SAD sufferers have a negative inner critic that breaks their confidence. However, this is just your fear speaking. Your true voice speaks to your needs, desires, and expectations. Learn to connect with this voice and articulate it. Stop doing or saying things simply to appease people. Knowing what you want and speaking up for it improves your self-confidence. 

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Personal Development isn’t something we should ignore, we should invest in ourselves to be a better, more confident person and be a role model to those who aren’t confident with themselves.

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3. Don’t Try to be Perfect

There is no such thing as perfect. People may appear perfect but that is an illusion. As humans, we are naturally messy. And I don’t mean this in a dirty way. We have flaws. Embrace what you consider your flaws. You are amazing as you are. Besides, nobody expects you to be perfect and if they do, they are not worth socializing with anyway. 

4. Practice Your Social Skills

Socializing takes some time especially for people who are naturally introverts. But learning social skills and practicing them will make you less anxious and more confident when you are put in social situations. Start by making eye contact and saying hello to a stranger. Then progress to giving compliments to random people. It may be a bumpy experience initially. Just remember the last tip and keep practicing. 

5. Be More Positive 

If you constantly speak and think in the negative, you are creating a vortex that drains your confidence every day. Being around people in this state might also have the same effect on them which would make people wary of you. Step out of the shadows mentally and focus on the positives. A simple shift in what you focus on can put a spring in your step and a boost to your confidence. 

Social anxiety disorder is not easy to live with but living a fulfilling life that leaves you confident, happy and at ease with yourself is well within your grasp. Every day will present a challenge. Know that you are up to the task. Good luck! 


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